MODA Pro Makeup Brushes By Royal And Langnickel

These are a new line of  makeup brushes that are available at Wal-Mart and on the brands website online. What am I talking about exactly? Well the best and most affordable cosmetic brushes to hit the scene this year. Not only they visually appealing, the price point is very attractive as well. Coming in at just under 10$ per brush, I’d say get them while you can and all of them to boot. These brushes caught my fancy while shopping for other items on this day. The colors are so pretty and vibrant how could I not notice the beautiful display. There are many options to choose from such as stand alone brushes sold individually, to three duos and two kits. Although the price of these brushes can be considered “cheap” there is NOTHING cheap about any of them. They are beautiful to display on your vanity, carry in your makeup bag easy to travel with, or just plain brag about, the neon colors are very eye-catching and they are soft and weighty as well. I was pleasantly surprised with my new discovery. MODA has a brush for every purpose, I personally enjoy the contour BMD 120 and the complexion Brush BMD 125 so much that I purchased two.

Moda Pro Makeup Brushes by Royal and Langnickel

Moda Pro Makeup Brush BMD-120 by Royal and Langnickel

At first sight these appear very similar to the brand Real Technique brushes. Although they appear similar…..They are Not. I absolutely love Real Technique brushes however MODA brushes are vastly different. I found them softer fluffier and more affordable. There are 24 brushes in the collection so you are sure to find something to suite your taste. So far I’ve collected six and I’m looking forward to owning the entire collection.

Moda Pro Makeup Brushes by Royal and Langnickel

Moda Pro Makeup Brushes MD Eye Shader and Crease/Smudge by Royal and Langnickel

If you have a Wal-Mart near you or you’re an online shopper, I can’t recommend these highly enough.


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