4 Tips For Saving The Most At Your Grocery Store

Hey pretty people, as most of you know, I am a lifestyle, beauty, and food blogger. It really is the highlight of my day to bring my amazing dishes from my kitchen, to yours. Since most of you always see me in my kitchen, at some point in time, I have to go stock up on groceries and household goods. Unfortunately, the cost of these items is not going down, and saving your coins is always the end goal. Coupons can always be found for cereal, drinks, and various household items, but getting discounted prices for meats can be tougher to find. You’ve all seen the meals I prepare in my kitchen, and the meats themselves are NOT cheap! I’ve been couponing for about 6 years now, and I still see that too many people walk into their local supermarket, and are more than willing to pay the prices that they see. The reality is that you can get the same items for a MUCH lower price, and get great deals on the essentials! Hopefully, you can pick up a few tips below on how I save when I go grocery shopping; the more coins you save when buying the essentials, the more you have to spend on things you really enjoy without a second thought.

Extreme Couponing Discounts

Extreme Couponing Discounts

  1. Set Aside Time To Organize Your Coupons.

These days, it seems like time is a luxury that many of us can’t afford. However, you have to ask yourself “how much time is it worth to you to save your money?” I won’t say that it’s something that can be done quickly; for me it does take about 3 hours a week. However, think about all you’re actually saving when it comes to buying these things! The more time you spend committed to saving , the more coins you’ll actually have to enjoy later on. Time spent couponing, and organizing your coupons means you can take that longer vacation later on, because you have the extra money to spend on it. If I save money with coupons, I don’t have to deny myself what I want. In setting aside time to organize your coupons, you also have to find an organization method that works for you. In the time I take to gather my coupons, I clip them and load them into a coupon binder, and that goes with me whenever I shop. You can also load them in a binder and just clip on the go while you’re shopping if you don’t have lots of time, but you have to find the method that works for you. Just remember, time spent now is money saved later, so that you can really enjoy your time! If you decide to go with a binder, that’s great, and it leads me to my next point….


  1. ALWAYS make sure your coupons are with you!

I know that it shouldn’t have to be said, but it happens to the best of us! As a person that uses coupons whenever I go to the grocery store, and since I use my car to get there, you should ALWAYS take your coupon binder with you.  This particular time, my coupon binder was at home, and wouldn’t you know it, I saw a box of cereal that I had a coupon for. But my binder wasn’t with me! My binder was loaded in advance by my husband, bless his heart, but he forgot to put it back in my car. Take the extra minute or so to make sure that your coupon binder is always with you, so that you don’t have to go back later on. Remember, extra time spent preparing is more time you’ll have later on!

  1. Know your grocery store, and know your cashiers!

I cannot stress this enough! Knowing your grocery store and your cashiers can make all the difference! You shouldn’t be afraid to make friends with the cashiers at the grocery store. Figure out which cashiers are upbeat and have a friendly personality. Attitudes do make ALL the difference. The reason why is because some people are less friendly when it comes to couponing. Some do think that you’re doing something shady in order to pay a lower price for a lot of items, when that simply isn’t the case! A cashier that you’re familiar with, and are friends with, is less likely to give you a hassle when presenting any coupons. A cashier that I was friends with wasn’t there that day, so I had to make a new friend! It’s not difficult, and the more people you know and are friendly with, the better off you’ll be! Knowing the layout of your grocery store as well can help you to organize your coupons in your binder, you can organize by aisles or specific categories, but just knowing your grocery store can always help.

Drugstore Coupon Discounts

Drugstore Coupon Discounts

  1. Avoid digital coupons, if you can help it.

While I have nothing against digital coupons, there is reason for this. I’ve found that most people simply do not want to handle someone else’s phone. Also, with digital coupons, you can screenshot it, but most grocery stores would want a physical copy of the coupon. Lastly, with some digital coupons, they tend to be manufacturer coupons, and simply don’t apply to your local grocery store. For those reasons, I use a coupon binder, with paper coupons that I clip. However, there is an exception to this. If your particular store has an app, DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE IT!

Drugstore Coupon Discounts

Drugstore Coupon Discounts

As you can see from the video, my total savings was $148, and the total cost was $120.79. That’s an extra $148 that I can use for whatever I desire! Though couponing is time consuming, it isn’t difficult to learn at all. If you’d like to learn and get these kinds of savings, I do have a class which can be found here. By signing up, you can learn how to coupon effectively, and how to create a binder that will suit your needs. You’ll also get bonus material to guide you towards an increased amount of financial freedom. Seats are limited, so please sign up soon. Hope to see you there Lala’s!

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