Learn To Stockpile: Couponing Help

Sometimes, you might find yourself dreading going to the grocery store. In a time where costs are always on the rise, it’s tough to pick up the essentials, and save your coins at the same time! Since I’m in my kitchen most days, you know that I have to make sure I stay stocked up on the thing I frequently use, that means meats, pasta, and cereal. However, it’s not limited to just that, you can really find deals on anything that you need. If you took my advanced couponing and couponing 101 classes (if you want to save those coins, you should have!), you’ll know that stockpiling is another great way to save on all the items you need.

Meat Specials Part One

Quality Quantities Help!

When I go grocery shopping, I might see a lot of items that I need, with a discounted price if you buy them in large quantities. On this particular day, I saw some oatmeal that was on sale with the store rewards card, with an even lower price if I bought four or more. I also happened to have a coupon for the oatmeal that let me save 2 dollars when I bought at least three. That lets me save even more money on top of what I’m already saving with the rewards card. If you saw my last blog related to coupons and saving money, you’ll know that finding coupons for meats really won’t happen, sadly. Since you’re not likely to find many coupons with the meats, you have to just get the ones that are already at a discounted price; they’ll usually have the 50% off sticker on them. If you get these items in a large quantity at once though, combined with the coupons, you’ll definitely save big. Money saved getting the major things is always more money that you can use for yourself later on!

Meat Specials Part Two

Always Give Reward Cards Last!

One major tip that I can give is to always provide your rewards card and manufacturer’s coupons last, no matter how much that cashier insists on getting that first! Some rewards cards may have an offer to give you a certain amount of dollars off if your purchase is over a certain price. My particular store rewards card gives $5 off of a 50 dollar purchase. The best way to maximize your savings is to use your reward card last. The reason why you’ll enter the card in last is because most stores with this sort of reward will only allow it to happen when the register hits that certain amount. In my case, it was $5 off a 50 dollar purchase. Since the meats themselves were 50% off already, that was less money going towards that 50 dollar total. Had I put my rewards card first, that may have brought the total down a little bit more, meaning I’d need more items overall to go towards those savings. Let the register ring up the maximum amount of money, and then apply your rewards and manufacturer’s coupons, and see how many coins you start saving! On this haul alone, I saved about 300 dollars, and ended up paying just a little bit over 100 dollars total; have a little faith in me, and I won’t steer you wrong!

Reward Card

Well, that’s all that I have for you guys today as I know with these tips you will be on your way to rack up on some amazing deals. Just be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming classes which can help to ENHANCE your overall shopping savings especially due to the incoming holiday season.

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