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Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

There has been so many product launches over the past several months. It seems as though EVERY cosmetic line has their own rendition of the same product. They all have to compete with one another, I get it. For the consumer It can be a bit overwhelming, which should you invest your time and money […]

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MODA Pro Makeup Brushes By Royal And Langnickel

These are a new line of  makeup brushes that are available at Wal-Mart and on the brands website online. What am I talking about exactly? Well the best and most affordable cosmetic brushes to hit the scene this year. Not only they visually appealing, the price point is very attractive as well. Coming in at […]

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Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Those tired under-eyes. Oh lord help us. With family, friends, work and life who has time to sleep? Have you ever gotten the dreaded comment…”you look tired”? How rude! Yes I’m tired you ninny, my life is happening how about you get one. Well this is where our friend Laura Mercier comes to the rescue. […]

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Contouring and Highlighting has taken on a life of It’s own. Let’s face it, if you so much as dare venture into a department store you are bombarded with these  amazing editorial looks that one can almost never achieve at home on the daily. I mean product after product, what are you to do? So […]

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Wet-N-Wild ILLUMINATING Pallette 320 Passion Pink

Who doesn’t want shine bright like a diamond? The latest craze these days are to “glow to the gawds” so why not jump on board? While on vacation I happened upon a Rite-Aid, now this was very exciting for me simply because in my area Dallas Texas we do not have this particular drugstore. Needless […]

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L.A COLORS I Heart Makeup Contour Palette

Unless you have been under a rock for an extended amount of time, you have slightly “NOT!” noticed contouring and highlighting has taken the beauty industry by storm. It seems as though I can hardly turn around without stumbling into the “newest” contour palette. All boast high claims to sculpt and define those cheekbone and […]

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Ok let’s not pretend that we haven’t noticed the recent eyelash craze lately. Yes women have been wearing false eyelashes for decades, however I’ve noticed and perhaps you have to that the obsession has gotten real. Well needless to say the bandwagon I jump. And boy did I take the plunge. So one or shall […]

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LA MER.. The Powder. The Fancy Stuff

The name La Mer…..Ladies and Gents simply scares the HECK outta me! Why? Because it’s so expensive for a powder, that’s why. Now most of you know that I’m a product junkie, however of all the products that I purchase, powders are what I collect. The reason being is because I’m always on the hunt […]

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Guerurlain…..The name alone inspires thoughts of luxury. That’s  because it just so happens to be a luxury brand, however in my opinion there are some products worth raiding your children’s collage fund for. The Guerlain Meteorites are highly coveted in the beauty industry due to their amazing benefits. The powder arrives packaged in a lovely […]

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Sephora, Sephora,Sephora! What are You Doing To Meeeeee!!

Let’s face it, I almost always start off by saying, while shopping at Sephora. When am I NOT shopping at Sephora. From now on I will start off with, “and today I went HAM” and needlessly grabbed. So Today’s run happened to include The Sephora Perfection mist Airbrush foundation. Now this just so happens to […]

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